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Japanese “Naked Psychic” Shows Off More Than Just His Telekinetic Powers (Video)

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Although taking your clothes off for the sake of making people laugh is by no means a new thing in Japan, the past couple of years have been a particularly nude time for the Japanese comedy scene. Just on Japankyo alone, we’ve talked about UesP, Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura and Akira 100%. And now there’s another “naked comedian” to add to that ever-growing list. His name is Kikku and his schtick is that he’s a “naked psychic.”

Like the majority of Japanese comedians, Kikku is not particularly well known. Although he belongs to a major Japanese talent agency called HoriPro com and has been in the industry for 13 years, the average Japanese person has utterly no idea who this guy is. However, recently he got a chance to appear on a weekly Japanese variety show broadcast on Abema TV, a Japanese video streaming service. Called HImura ga Yuku, this show, which is hosted by the popular Japanese comedian Yuki Himura, is wonderfully wacky and thus the perfect place for someone like Kikku to get some exposure (no pun intended).

Meet Kikku

After making his grand entrance wearing nothing but some very revealing briefs, Kikku shows how he can use his telekinetic powers to stick forks and spoons to his bare chest. In order to channel his telekinetic powers, he very intensely chants “nenpikanonriki” several times. A few moments later he shows that his psychic powers have worked and the silverware is stuck to his chest (according to him) without the aid of anything other than his mental abilities. And to finish off his trick, he shouts out his catchphrase “THIS IS PSYCHIC PWER!”

However, Himura and his crew, although amused, don’t seem too impressed. Kikku quickly explains that his spoon and fork trick is just the beginning and then he moves on to his next trick.

Kikku taking off his last bit of clothing

Kikku then pulls out an iPhone and explains that he will use his telekinetic powers to stick it to his crotch. He then takes off the underwear he was wearing., begins his chanting and successfully wills his smartphone to remain stuck to his penis even after he stands up.


However, that’s not all. He then announces that he will have somebody call the phone that is stuck to his genitals and talk to the caller, all without having the phone fall off.

Mr. Kikku, you have a call

Kikku successfully answers his phone without having it fall off and Himura expresses his amazement. However, he points out that Kikku’s “balls” are showing.

At the end Himura offers Kikku some friendly advice, suggesting that perhaps he should use the bigger iPhone 7 Plus rather than the iPhone 6 that he is currently using.

And so, Himura’s suggestion leads one of his crew members to offer up their larger smartphone so that Kikku can do his trick again. And Kikku once again wows the crowd by successfully sticking the phone to his naked crotch without having it fall off. Hopefully, they disinfected that phone before giving it back to the owner.

Check out Kikku’s amazing PSYCHIC PWER in the video below.

Feel like seeing some more naked Japanese comedy? Then how about checking out Himura try a “naked Rube Goldberg” machine. At the end of the video Himura even tries to pull a Kikku by using an iPhone to cover himself up… unsuccessfully. Warning though, this video contains generous amounts of very out of shape fully exposed middle aged man butt.

Source: Abema TV Official YouTube Channel
Images: アソコと通話!枠に“おさまらない”「裸サイキック芸」の念力に日村も心配|日村がゆく!#30〜裸芸の新しい夜明けを見つけるの巻〜第2弾|AbemaSPECIAL (Abema TV)

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