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Japanese Schoolgirl Turns Into Pointless Six Armed Okonomiyaki Making Robot (Video)

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Bet no one was expecting a not sexy okonomiyaki making robot.

On Monday (Oct 23) the Tokyo-based animation production company DLE released the fifth and potentially final installment in their bizarre anime web series Henkei Shoujo (Transformation Girls) and like the previous four videos this one stars a Japanese high school girl with the ability to transform into a machine.

The latest Henkei Shoujo team member is named Arisa and she is voiced by Sayumi Michishige, a 28-year-old former member of the pop idol group Morning Musume.

Sayumi Michishige recording Arisa’s lines

According to the Henkei Shoujo website, 17-year-old Arisa loves Instagram and cooking. She’s good at making fried rice. She enjoys taking pictures with friends and going shopping. She’s 155 cm tall. Her body measurements are 81-59-80. And her birthday is on August 10th. In other words, she seems like just a normal Japanese high school girl… but she’s not.

In her introduction video, Arisa is shown working hard in a food stall at a school festival. She’s in charge of making okonomiyaki (“Japanese pancakes”) and interestingly enough, taking orders at her stall is none other than that girl in the white dress that keeps running into these strange girls.

When the first order for a single okonomiyaki comes in, Arisa gets it done in an impressive 1.31 seconds. And when the second order for two okonomiyaki comes in she gets it done in a mere 1.75 seconds.

After taking care of those first two orders without any problem, an order for six okonomiyaki comes in. And that’s when the craziness begins.

It seems that Arisa decides that she has no choice but to transform into her alternate form in order make sure that she gets her orders out quickly. So, she begins by sprouting arms from her armpits. A bottle of okonomiyaki sauce materializes into the right hand of this right armpit arm and the left armpit arm gets a bottle of mayonnaise.

Then her legs turn into another pair of arms and she gets a new set of legs.

By the end of this bizarre process she ends up looking like a strange mix between a robot, an okonomiyaki cook and a Buddhist statue.

Once transformed she gets all six okonomiyaki done in a very flashy manner… unfortunately for the customer it ends up taking Arisa much much much longer to do it this way than it would have in her “human” form. So, yeah, as the girl in the white dress points out, the whole thing was absolutely meaningless.

Check out the video for yourself below.

More Henkei Shoujo in 2018?

Also this week DLE released two videos revealing the company’s plans to crowdfund a sixth Henkei Shoujo episode. It seems that the immense popularity of these videos both in Japan and around the world has led DLE to try to keep this project going and in order to do so they are hoping to raise 4,000,000 yen (about 35,264 US dollars)  by December 22.

Depending on how much someone contributes they will get various perks, including production updates, Henkei Shoujo goods and even some creative input in the creation of the new character and video.

Unfortunately, to date only 30,000 yen has been raised but there’s still 57 days left (as of the time of this writing), so who knows? It could still happen… right? Here’s hoping we get a character that turns into a sexy refrigerator.

Henkei Shoujo crowdfunding page

If you’d like to watch the two PR video released this week, you can do so below.

Video 1

Video 2

If you’d like to check out the previous Henkei Shoujo videos, check out the links below.

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Source: Henkei Shoujo Website
Image: 変形少女 #5(ありさ編)-Henkei Shoujo (Transforming Girls) #05 Arisa (DLE YouTube Channel)

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