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Shy Anime High School Girl Undresses And Turns Into Bra Shield Wielding Robot (Video)

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Who knew you could use a bra as a shield?

The third promotional video for DLE’s upcoming anime project called Henkei Shoujo (Transformation Girls) is out and like the previous videos this one introduces us to another high school girl with the ability to transform into a ‘sexy’ machine.

Following on the heels of the videos for the first “transformtion girl” Haru, and the second girl Rin,this latest video introduces us to Itsuki, a shy 17-year-old high school girl, who for the most part seems pretty normal. According to her profile she lives with her mother, father and grandmother. In school she’s good at home economics because she likes cooking and sewing. Her grandmother teaches calligraphy so she also enjoys calligraphy. Her favorite kanji is kokoro (心), which means heart/mind. She’s 163 cm tall, her body measurements are 85-62-85 and her birthday is July 5th. In other words, she’s a fairly typical Japanese high school girl. That is, except for her ability to transform into what can only be descried as a bra-shield wielding robot.

The latest video is perhaps the most bizarre of the three that have been released so far. It starts out with Itsuki in a Japanese-style house, being filmed by someone. Then the person filming her appears to tell her to do something. Whether the person asks her to take her clothes off is unclear but that is what at first seems to be implied, since Itsuki, after a moment of hesitation, reaches for a zipper located in the front ot her dress (seems like a slightly strange place for a zipper) and begins to pull it down as if she was about to undress.

However, she never quite gets the dress off. Instead, she begins an utterly ridiculous transformation sequence, which in true Transformation Girls fashion gives viewers a peek at her blue and white panties.

You also get a peek a bit of her cleavage shortly after her bra flies off of her chest and into the sky.

After flying off of her chest and into the sky the bra turns into two shields and attach themselves to her mecha arms, all while she yells “Brassiere Rolling Cutter!”

Check it out for yourself below.

So who was the guy recording her? Why was she in that house in the first place? Much like the previous two videos this one leaves viewers with more questions than answers.

What we do know for sure though, is that Itsuki is voiced by the voice actress and singer Kana Hanazawa (see below), who is known in part for being the voice of Akane Tsunemori in Psycho-Pass and Mayuri Shiina in Steins;Gate.

As for the next, “transformation girl” she is named Nana and her “introduction” video will likely be released later this month. Although we do not know yet what she will be transforming into, or in what creative way she will be showing people her underwear, we do know that she will be voiced by the very popular former Japanese adult film (JAV) actress Sora Aoi (see below).

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Source: Henkei Shoujo Official Website
Images: 変形少女 #03(衣月篇)-Henkei Shoujo(Transforming Girls) #03 “Itsuki”  (DLE YouTube Channel)

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