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Song About “Panty Shots” (Panchira) Released by Adult Idol Group Ebisu Muscats [Video]

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The song panchira lovers have been waiting for.

The idol group Ebisu Muscats has released a new song and music video dedicated entirely to panchira, a.k.a. the act of catching a quick glimpse of a woman’s panties, a.k.a. that thing that male characters in anime often go crazy for. Check it out video below, but just keep in mind, while more on the silly end of the spectrum, you may not want to watch this one at work.

This new pantsu-themed song has the very appropriate title of “Panchiralism” (Panchirarizumu). The title is a combination of two words. The first is panchira (パンチラ), which is a term used to refer to a brief glimpse of a woman’s underwear. The second word is chirarizumu (チラリズム). This one can be translated in a number of ways but for the sake of simplicity we’ll go with “the art of giving a brief glimpse (of skin, underwear, etc.).”

If you’re thinking getting a peek at girl’s panties is a rather risque topic for a Japanese idol group to sing about, well, you’re right. While mainstream idol groups do get pretty suggestive, they pretty much never are as straightforward as Ebisu Muscats. That because Ebisu Muscats is far from your typical mainstream idol group. Ebisu Muscats is composed of gravure (swimsuit & lingerie models) and AV idols (adult video actreses), so singing about panties is nothing scandalous for them.

The song is performed by a new four member unit of Ebisu Muscats called SCANTY4. The members of SCANTY4 include SKE48 member-turned AV idol Yua Mikami, AV idol Yuki Yoshizawa, AV idol Yura Kano, and gravure idol Maity (real name: Mai Kasuya).

The music video for “Panchiralism” was released on Wednesday (3/11). Surprisingly while the video does feature plenty of shots of the Ebisu Muscats members dancing in their panties, as well as close up shots of thei “panty areas,” the video is not as salacious as one might expect.

If you’re interested in more Ebisu Muscats content, you can check out their official YouTube channel or some of the videos below.

Here is the music video for “Animal Anthem” by Ebisu Muscats. This track has a hip hop vibe to it. It also features the members making animal noises.

And here’s a track that has a bit of an operatic Halloween vibe to it. It’s called “Majogarita.” Not surprisingly, the lyrics get rather lewd.

Source: Official Ebisu Muscats YouTube Channel
Image: 【MV】パンチラリズム SCANTY4 from 恵比寿マスカッツ(EBISU MUSCATS) (Ebisu Muscats Official YouTube Channel)

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