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Talking About Blindness, Japan, and Japanese Urban Design on Tokyo Podcast

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Recently, I (Tony Vega) was a guest on Tokyo Podcast. On the episode I was on I discuss how my interest in the Japanese language and Japan helped me overcome the mental blocks I had after losing most of my eyesight due to Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy at the end of high school. If you’re a listener of the Japan Station podcast, then you may remember that I discussed this in episode 33. However, I touch upon a few other things that I didn’t discuss on that episode of Japan Station, so it’s definitely worth a listen. Also the blog post for this Tokyo Podcast episode features some great artwork inspired by the chat. Check out the episode of Tokyo Podcast that I was on by using the link below.

Once again, I’d like to say thank yo to Anthony Joh for having me on Tokyo Podcast. I had a great time talking to Anthony and it was also a cool experience to get to be on a podcast that I started listening to many years ago.

Tokyo Podcast Links

While you can find Tokyo Podcast on its official website, you can also find it on just about anywhere you get your podcasts. Here’s a few links in case you’d like listen to more episodes.

Japankyo Podcasts (Produced by Tony Vega)

As alluded to above, I produce a podcast called Japan Station. On that podcast I interview all kinds of interesting people that have some connection to Japan. Among the many people I have interviewed is Anthony Joh, the host of Tokyo Podcast. A link to that episode of Japan Station, as well as links to places where you can find more episodes of Japan Station can be found below.

And just in case you were not aware, I also produce a podcast called Ichimon Japan. Every episode my co-host Ryan and I ask a question about Japan and try to answer it. Sometimes we draw on our personal experiences and other times we do extensive research. We also like to joke around quite a bit, so there’s plenty of laughs mixed in with all the information. Use the links below to check out Ichimon Japan.

Featured image: Screenshot used with permission of Anthony Joh

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