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SoftBank Releases “Fish Mode” Version Of Pepper The Robot On April 1st (Video)

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The Japanese mobile phone carrier SoftBank really seems to love April Fools’ Day because this year they released not one, but two ridiculous joke videos. As if human ‘cell phone straps’ wasn’t enough, SoftBank also released a silly video involving their popular humanoid robot, Pepper.

Released in Japan by SoftBank in 2015 with a price tag of 198,000 JPY (1778 USD), Pepper is a social robot whose mission is to help and entertain humans. The video below, which is in English, shows a standard version of Pepper in action and also gives a bit more information about Pepper’s different features and capabilities.

Although Pepper is known for being able to do some impressive things, such as recognizing faces and reading human emotions, swimming was definitely not something Pepper could do. However, SoftBank’s new video claims that after much hard work and research, Pepper’s developers have finally been able to give Pepper a “fish mode” that allows it to swim through the water just like a.. fish. Check out the fake promotional video below, and keep reading for details about what is said in it.


The video begins by explaining that a version of Pepper with the ability to “move freely” through water will go on sale on April 1st. Meanwhile, on-screen you see Pepper going into its “fish mode” and declaring “I loooove to swim!”

Pepper loooooves to swim!

After this intro the video explains that one of the people responsible for this new evolution of Pepper is a marine robotics expert named, Msamichi Hayashi.

Masamichi Hayashi
Hayashi, says the following about his work on Pepper’s fish mode.

On land you need a certain degree of weight to be stable but in the water you have to be able to float. Managing to do that given Pepper’s shape was truly a Herculean task.

The narrator explains that in total the swimming pattern data of 150 creatures was used to programm this new version of Pepper. He also explains that this aquatic Pepper has a special coating to make it waterproof.

Pepper the fisherman
The video also features an appearance by a fisherman who states that if Pepper was able to help him pull up nets, it would be a great help and “cause a revolution in the fishing industry.”
“Let’s fish!”
In the last segment of the video, the narrator announces that this new version of Pepper is about to show off the full potential of its fish mode. However, instead of getting an epic scene where we see Pepper’s amazing swimming skills, we get a rather anti-climactic scene of Pepper’s developers calling out to Pepper and Pepper deciding to ignore them and just leave. A rather fitting end to yet another absurd April Fools’ Day video.

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