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Lawyer Stole Milk Tea After Stealthfully Molesting Sleeping Man, Hyogo Police Say

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Nothing about this story makes any sense.

On November 23 police in Hyogo Prefecture arrested a lawyer who allegedly stole a partially consumed bottle of milk tea after he somehow managed to commit lewd acts on a sleeping man without waking him.

According to police in the city of Nishinomiya in Hyogo Prefecture, the crime occurred early in the morning on November 10 in an apartment in Nishinomiya occupied by a 39-year-old man and a 20-year-old man.

At about 12:30 a.m. the roommates, who also happen to be co-workers, went to sleep, each in his own room. However, police say that within a few hours, the suspect, a 33-year-old lawyer named Atsushi Kodama, snuck into the two men’s apartment carrying what a Nikkan Gendai report describes as a “sharp blade.”

Kodama first went to the 39-year-old’s room. There reports say he used the blade to cut a 39 cm (15.4″) opening in the crotch area of track suit pants and underwear that the sleeping man was wearing. Kodama then pulled out the victim’s genitals and as Nikkan Gendai puts it “fooled around” with said genitals. Sun TV, on the other hand, uses a bit less colorful language, saying Kodama performed “lewd acts and other things” on the victim.

Reports do not say how long Kodama spent in the first man’s room but eventually, police say Kodama moved on to the room of the 20-year-old man. There Kodama used his blade to cut open the groin area of the shorts the sleeping 20-year-old man was wearing. However, unlike the first time for some reason Kodama did not perform any “lewd acts” on the younger man.

After doing all that without waking either man, Kodama left the apartment, but he did not do so empty-handed. On his way out, reports say Kodama took with him an already open plastic bottle of milk tea that had been left on a table. Some of the tea inside the bottle had already been consumed.

Reports agree that it was only after the men woke up in the morning and found that someone had cut open the groins of their pants that they reported the incident to police. No reports have describe the two men as incredibly heavy sleepers.

It is not clear how police were able to determine that Kodama was the man they were looking for, but on November 23 they arrested him under suspicion of indecent assault and breaking and entering. Kodama has admitted to the allegations, reportedly telling police “There is no doubt that I did it.”

Police say that since June they have received several reports of someone breaking into the residences of men in the Nishinomiya area. Police are looking into whether these incidents are related to the one Kodama has admitted to.

Unfortunately, details such as how Kodama managed to do everything he is alleged to have done without waking up either man do not seem like they will be reported on.

Source: Nikkan Gendai, Sankei Shinbun, Sun TV
Image: Pixabay

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