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Tokyo Police Look For Pantsless Drive By Bicycle Flasher (Video)

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Sometimes all you want is someone to just notice you.

Police in Tokyo are on the lookout for an attention seeking bicyclist who likes taking night time rides with his junk hanging out.

According to reports, at around 7:10 p.m. on October 10, a resident of Tokyo’s Adachi Ward was walking along a sidewalk near Umejima Station on the Tobu Skytree Line, when all of a suddent the resident heard a voice call out to them from behind. “Look at me!” the voice said. Thinking that something had happened the pedestrian turned around and what they saw was a man on a bicycle with his pants down and his genitals on full display. The flasher bicyclist kept riding his bike without stopping and then him and his clearly visible genitals disappeared into the Tokyo evening, leaving behind nothing but a very confused Adachi resident in his wake.

According to the eye-witness, the exhibitionist bicyclist looked to be in his 20s, had short hair, was wearing a grey hooded jacket and was of indeterminate height.

Police are currently searching for the mysterious exhibitionist bicyclist and are looking to charge him with public indecency. They also suspect that he might be responsible for a similar incident that occurred this past August, in which a man riding a bicycle with his pants down yelled “Look! Look!” at a person on the street as he rode past them.

Check out the TomoNews Japan video below to see an amusing CG recreation of this incident.

Source: Excite News, TomoNews Japan
Image: 足立区に自転車露出男出没 「見てくれ!」と通行人に声かけ (TomoNews Japan)

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