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Naked Man on Street Claims He Was Just “Training” After Getting Arrested

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That’s some hardcore “training.”

The Japanese word shugy┼Ź is often translated as simply “training,” but that’s not quite accurate. Shugy┼Ź isn’t normally used to describe the kind of training you might do before participating in something like your local 10k run. Instead, it’s used to describe the dedicated physical and mental training performed by individuals like religious ascetics and warrior monks (and Goku, he uses the word shugy┼Ź a lot). Recently though, a man in Japan claimed he was engaging in shugy┼Ź when he got caught naked walking down a street.

The alleged incident occurred at about 5:40 in the morning on March 2 in the Kamidamachi area of the city of Gifu in Gifu Prefecture. It was around this time when a female in the area noticed a man walking completely naked down a street. She contacted police and reportedly told them “There’s┬á a totally nude man walking around.”

Once at the scene police found a man claiming to be 56 years old and from the city of Gifu (presumably they could not confirm this since he probably wasn’t carrying any form of identification due to his lack of pockets). They arrested him for indecent exposure but he denied he had committed any wrongdoing, reportedly telling police “I was doing it [walking around naked] for shugy┼Ź.”

Exactly what kind of shugy┼Ź the man was supposedly performing remains a mystery. One possibility is that he was training himself against the cold since it was likely somewhere around 40 degrees Fahrenheit when he was walking the streets of Gifu in his birthday suit. Or perhaps he’s just trying to cover his butt – legally that is. Obviously he has no problems walking around outside with an uncovered butt.

Source: Fuji News Network, TV Tokyo
Image: Pixabay

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