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Naked Japanese Comedian Akira 100% Releases Most Peculiar Video Yet [Video]

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Doing this in public will get you arrested.

Like many Japanese comedians who get their big break Akira 100% suddenly popped onto Japanese mainstream media before mostly disappearing into obscurity. However, Akira’s true fans know that he never really disappeared. He’s been around on social media and YouTube coming up with new and increasingly ridiculous naked stunts to pull.

In case you’re not familiar with Akira 100%, he is a Japanese comedian that became known for a very particular gag. He would come out on stage naked and using nothing but a small metal tray to cover his nether regions he would perform silly stunts and skits.

For quite some time now Akira 100% has been regularly releasing videos to his YouTube channel showing him performing all sorts of naked stunts, however, earlier this month the video he released was a particularly peculiar one.

In essence this video is quite simple. It just shows Akira 100% doing a somersault as he very skillfully uses his trademark metal tray to cover his naughty bits. While that is silly enough on its own, what really makes this video of a grown man performing a naked somersault stand out is the absurd editing that makes this whole thing come off like something out of one of those surreal Japanese MAD videos. Check it out for yourself below.

No doubt the choice to go with the weird editing had at least something to do with how short the video would end up being without it. Either that or Akira was just in a  particularly playful mood. In any case, if you want even more naked stunts, then you’re in luck. Akira 100% released another video this month, which you can see below. In this one he does a bit of nude hula hooping and yes, he manages to use his metal tray to cover his naughty bits.

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Source: Akira 100% YouTube Chennel
Image: AKIRA100% Forward roll/ アキラ100% × でんぐり返し (Akira 100% YouTube Channel)

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