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Japan Station 17: Comedian Ollie Horn

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In this episode of the Japan Station podcast Tony has a fun chat with comedian Ollie Horn.

Ollie Horn is a stand-up comedian from the United Kingdom who lived many years in Fukuoka, Japan. While there he attended graduate school and worked in the Japanese entertainment industry. In 2014 Ollie Horn came up with the idea that would evolve into Comedy Fukuoka, a group dedicated to performing English-language stand-up comedy in Fukuoka. Horn is also the host of the podcast My Signature Dish and will soon be releasing his first comedy special–called Pig in Japan–which focuses on many of his experiences living and working in Japan.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ollie’s podcast My Signature Dish
  • How living in Japan led to Ollie discovering the joy of cooking
  • Danny Piello’s amazing chicken sandwich
  • Japanese food
  • A great chicken nanban restaurant in Fukuoka
  • How Ollie ended up living in Fukuoka
  • Ollie’s time in graduate school in Fukuoka
  • What it was like writing a thesis in Japanese
  • Ollie’s time in the Japanese entertainment industry
  • Japanese copyright law
  • The importance of knowing when to say yes and when to say no
  • What keeps Ollie motivated
  • Ollie’s comedy special, Pig in Japan
  • Ollie’s tips for learning a language
  • And much more!

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Extra Stuff

To make sure you don’t miss any Ollie Horn related news–including updates about Pig in Japan–go to his website and sign up for his email newsletter.

Ollie Horn Website

To listen to Ollie Horn’s podcast, My Signature Dish, just check out the links below.

My Signature Dish on Apple Podcasts

My Signature Dish on Spotify

Ollie Horn can also be found on the following social media platforms.

Ollie Horn on Instagram

Ollie Horn on Twitter

Ollie Horn on Facebook

Here’s a preview for a new video series Ollie Horn will be doing called Pona Home Cooks of Italy.

Here’s a video from the Comedy Fukuoka YouTube channel showing some of Ollie Horn’s stand-up.

If you find yourself in Fukuoka and you’d like to check out some stand-up comedy, then make sure to look into Comedy Fukuoka. For more information on Comedy Fukuoka, visit their website.

Comedy Fukuoka Website

If you’re in Fukuoka and would like to try out the chicken nanban restaurant mentioned in this episode, you’ll find the location information below. It’s absolutely one of the best places in Fukuoka to have chicken nanban. Just make sure to avoid the lunch rush since it’s a small place that gets packed pretty quickly.

Udonya Kome-chan (うどん屋 米ちゃん) Location Information
3-9-5 1st Floor Hakata Ekimae, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
福岡県福岡市博多区博多駅前3-9-5 1F
About a 10-minute walk from Hakata Station (~480 meters)
Hours of Operation
Mondays-Fridays: 11:30-3:30
Saturdays: 11:30-2:30
Closed on Sundays and holidays
Official Website

Here is the video of Ollie Horn and Bobby Judo mentioned in the podcast, however, it is almost completely in Japanese.

Ollie Horn will be performing his comedy special Pig in Japan at the Ediburgh Festival Fringe throughout August 2019. You can get your tickets now via the link below.

Get your tickets now!

In case you’d like to get your hands on some of that oh-so-delicious Momoya-brand taberu rāyu, then check out the totally not sponsored link below.

Taberu Rāyu on Umami Mart

To learn more about Cast–the service used to record this interview–check out their website via the link below.

Cast Website

Special Thanks

Opening/Closing song: Oedo Controller (大江戸コントローラー) by Yunomi featuring Toriena (Used with permission from Yunomi)
To listen to more of Yunomi’s music, check out his Soundcloud page or YouTube channel.

Japan Station cover art: Provided by Erik R.

Image: Courtesy of Ollie Horn

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