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Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Episode 2: A Full Translation [Video]

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The (ridiculous) story continues.

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the 1979 anime series Mobile Suit Gundam, as well as the 45th anniversary of Sanrio’s most famous character, Hello Kitty. As such late in March of this year it was announced that the two companies behind these massive properties, Bandai and Sanrio, would be teaming up in a fun promotional project titled “Gundam vs. Hello Kitty.”

While the name of this project instantly brings to mind images of Sanrio’s white mouthless cat duking it out with a giant robot, the title is a bit misleading since the whole project is essentially an online popularity contest with all sorts of related merchandise and events.

More interesting than all that, though, is the fact that the companies behind the project went so far as to have the anime production studio Sunrise produce a short series of videos starring none other than Ms. Kitty White herself and Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam (in the pilot seat of the RX-78-2 model Gundam of course).

The first of these videos was released in March and can be found here, along with a full translation and explanation of everything that happens in the video.

For anyone who would like a quick rundown of what happened in episode one, here it is in a nutshell. Episode one opens with Hello Kitty preparing for a tea party with her friends when all of a sudden her TV comes on. On the TV Amuro can be seen engaging in a fierce battle in outer space with other mobile suits. Hello Kitty can’t stand to see Amuro suffering so she goes to outer space to stop the fighting and relieve Amuro’s pain. The episode ends with Hello Kitty and Amuro facing off as if they were about to enter into an epic battle.

After an unexpectedly long wait, episode two of the Gundam vs. Hello Kitty animated min-series was released on Monday (July 8). You can check out the video below. If you would like a full explanation, as well as a full translation of the dialog heard in the video, then just keep scrolling down.

Episode two begins right after episode one ends. Amuro begins by wondering if Hello Kitty is a new model mobile suit belonging to the Federation. Kitty introduces herself by her proper name, Kitty White but Amuro has no idea what she’s tlaking about. He asks her if she is part of the Federation. A confused Kitty responds by asking him if he’s ever heard of “Hello Kitty.” Amuro, who is also quite confused, thinks for a bit and then remarks that Kitty has somewhat of a resemblance to the Gundam franchise mascot Haro (this is a pun since Haro sounds like “hello” in Japanese, which is harō). Kitty then begins to explain that she’s there to help Amuro. She explains that it’s time to stop fighting but Amuro says it’s too late for that. Finally, the episode ends in a cliffhanger with Kitty about to be hit by a surprise attack and Amuro looking like he’s ready to spring back into action in order to help Kitty.

At the very end of the video, it is announced that the third episode is planned for 2020 and that it will be called “Love ・Soldier.”

With more than half a year of wait time between episode two and three, Japanese fans in the commenters have not surprisingly been complaining. Whether this will motivate the companies behind this project to speed up production on episode three remains to be seen.

For a full translation of all the dialog is episode two see below.

Amuro Ray: This… Given its colors, could this be one of the Federation’s new mobile suits?
Hello Kitty: Nice to meet you! So you’re Amuro.
Amuro Ray: It knows who I am… Who are you?!
Hello Kitty: My name is Kitty. Kitty White!
Amuro Ray: Kitty White? Is it a new model mobile suit belonging to the White Base? But even if that were the case, it’s really small. You said you’re name is Kitty, right? Who are you allied with? Are you with the Federation?
Hello Kitty: Federation? Allied with? You’ve never heard of Hello Kitty?
Amuro Ray: Haro? Come to think of it, it does kind of look like Haro (the Gundam franchise/Sunrise mascot)
Hello Kitty: Anyway, never mind that. I heard a voice saying to save you, Amuro.
Amuro Ray: Save me?
Hello Kitty: Yes, The truth is that you don’t want to fight anymore, right? Let’s stop fighting! We’re all friends. If we talk about it, we’ll be able to work it out.
Amuro Ray: What are you talking about? This fight can’t be stopped. You are too late.
Hello Kitty: That’s… No, it’s ok! I’m sure we can all get along.
Amuro Ray: If you don’t intend on fighting please get away from here. This is a battlefield.
Hello Kitty: Wait. Just listen to me a little longer. Amuro…
Amuro Ray: There’s something coming this way.
Hello Kitty: Huh?
Amuro Ray: Watch out! Kitty!
Narrator: Gundam vs. Hello Kitty. These two [Amuro and Kitty] are talking but they’re not understanding each other. Kitty is in the crosshairs. What will happen? Next time, episode three, “Love・Soldier” (Ai・Senshi), planned for release in 2020. Will you be able to survive? [The remainder of the narration is about the Gundam vs. Hello Kitty popularity contest and not episode three of the Gundam vs. Hello Kitty anime series.]

To watch episode one, check out the article below.

Gundam Vs. Hello Kitty Episode 1: A Full Translation [Video]

Source: Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Project YouTube Channel
Image: ガンダムvsハローキティプロジェクト特別PV第2話「めぐりあい」 (Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Project YouTube Channel)

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