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Fugitive Wheelchair Yakuza Captured

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Source: Nippon News Network

 Ibaraki police have arrested the organized crime group member that made headlines last month for managing to avoid arrest, despite being in a wheelchair.

The fugitive, Yoshiyuki Yuhara, was arrested on Wednesday at a residence in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture after police received a tip about his whereabouts. Along with the 41-year old member of the organized crime group Matsuba-kai, two other male gang members were also at the residence. The two men, Katsuyuki Nasuno, 38, and Shigehito Suzuki, 41, were arrested for concealing Yuhara and for being in violation of the Marijuana Control Law.

On December 16th, Yuhara, who was in a wheelchair due to an injury he had sustained while fleeing from police in November, was in an Omitata City, Ibaraki Prefecture hospital getting discharged and about to be arrested when he asked the officers that had come for him if he could “go for a smoke.” The officers, for some reason, gave Yuhara permission and so he wheeled himself over to the hospital smoking area, which was located outside. Once Yuhara was outside a car pulled up, Yuhara stood up, jumped in the car and the car drove away. Yuhara’s actions landed him on a national wanted list and led to an almost month long manhunt.

Japankyo reported on Yuhara’s great escape last month so if you’d like to check out that article click here.
Source: Nippon News Network

Ibaraki cops re-arrest yakuza who escaped in wheelchair

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