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Intense Dance Battle In New THE RAMPAGE Music Video

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THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE has just released a new music video that might just make you want to challenge someone to a dance battle.

The music video is for a song called “Get Ready to RAMPAGE,” which will be released on the group’s debut CD single, Lightning, on January 25th. The song is an instrumental track, which seems to, at least in part, have been made specifically so that the group members could show off their dance moves in a music video, and they definitely manage to do that in this new video.

The video features an introduction by Japanese rapper ANARCHY, the mandatory pre-battle “face-off” and about 4 and a half minutes of non-stop dance battling. Enjoy.

THE RAMPAGE also released a music video on December 31st for a song called, “GO ON THE RAMPAGE,” which is also from their upcoming CD. Unlike “Get Ready to RAMPAGE” this song features plenty of singing and has a more “mainstream” J-pop sound.

And if you want even more THE RAMPAGE then don’t worry because the group released a music video for its debut single “Lightning” last month and you can check it out by clicking here.

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