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Elementary School Teacher Uses DEATH NOTE To Threaten Bad Students (Video)

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Make sure to bring plenty of juicy apples with you to this teacher’s class

An elementary school teacher has gotten in a bit of hot water for threatening to write students’ names in a Death Note.

It was found out on Thursday that a male teacher in his 30s at an elementary school in Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture threatened students who were not following directions by showing them an image of a Death Note on his personal tablet and then telling them “I’ll write your name in the Death Note!” According to the city’s board of education, between late November and early December the teacher, who taught science and physical education, threatened a total of four students, two in fourth grade and two in sixth grade,

After the school principal found out about this teacher’s peculiar form of class management he reprimanded him. The teacher then apologized to both students and parents.

The teacher explained his actions by saying “I did it to warn them and get them to concentrate.”

Given that in the anime/manga Death Note writing someone’s name in one of these notebooks causes them to die, you could say that this elementary school teacher was threatening to kill his students. When you put it that way it makes it seem like this guy got off easy with just a reprimand..Of course, I doubt that even the fourth graders that he threatened actually feared for their lives at any point. I mean, he didn’t even have a real notebook. Just a picture of one on his tablet. That’s pretty hilarious. Anyway, what do you think? Is using a Death Note to discipline students acceptable or is it inappropriate? Or is perhaps some other anime item a better tool for disciplining children?

If you’d like to see an amusing dramatization of this story check out the TomoNews Japan video below.

Sources: Asahi Shinnun Digital, TomoNews Japan

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