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Lego and Tokyo Police team up in cute traffic safety PSA (Video)

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Maruyama (left) and Waruyama (right)
Image source: Tokyo Metro. Police Dept YouTube

In anticipation of the start of a spring traffic safety campaign on April 6, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has released a public service ad that uses Legos to teach children about traffic safety in a fun and cute way.

This new public service ad is the product of a team up between the traffic division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and Lego Japan. The ad stars Maruyama and Waruyama, two young residents of Lego City.

Like many other PSAs this one follows the pattern of first showing a character do something incorrectly, and then showing another character do the same thing the right way. In this case, the ‘bad character’ is Waruyama (waru means bad) and the ‘good character’ is Maruyama (maru means circle and circles are used to indicate correct answers).

The video consists of three segments, each of which deals with a different traffic safety related scenario and the rules children should use to stay safe in these situations. In the first one we see the Lego boys approach a street corner. In the second we see them trying to cross a street and in the third segment we are taught about the dangers of playing in the street.

Although the video is completely in Japanese, it is still quite amusing and very easy-to-understand even if you don’t know the language. However, if you’d like some more details about what happens in the video make sure to keeps scrolling down after you finish watching the ad.

Rule 1: Be careful at street corners. Look both ways!

Waruyama didn’t look both ways so the skateboarder sent him flying all the way home!
Maruyama didn’t get hit by the skateboarder because he looked both ways. Good job Maruyama!

Rule 2: Only cross the street when the light is green.

Bad Waruyama! You tried to cross when you weren’t supposed to and now you’re on a helicopter!
Maruyama waited for the car to stop and even made eye contact with the driver before crossing. Good job Maruyama!

Rule 3: Don’t play in the street. Don’t run into the road

Maruyama is inviting everyone to go play at the park instead of in the rod. Maruyama to the rescue!

Source: Dengeki Hobby Web

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