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Tokyo Skytree Begins Offering Tours Of Open Air Observatory [Video]

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A whole new way to enjoy Tokyo Skytree.

On October 23, a little over six years after opening its doors, the 634 meter tall Tokyo Skytree began letting the general public onto a previously restricted open air observatory.

Dubbed the Skytree Terrace, this observation deck is located 155 meters above ground. Formerly a maintenance area only used by employees, the observatory differs from the two existing public observatories in that it is not enclosed by glass and can only be accessed via guided tours.

Visitors who go on the Skytree Terrace tour must take numerous security measures, including wearing a helmet and a security vest, and leaving belongings such as bags and jewelry in lockers. Guests wishing to take their phones onto the observatory to take pictures must use a special phone case which is attached to a neck strap in order to prevent accidental phone dropping incidents.

The Skytree Terrace tours last about 20 minutes. During this time tour guides will provide information about the structure itself and the scenery. Tour participants will also be given time to look around the Terrace and take pictures.

Tours are offered 12 times each weekday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., thus allowing guests to enjoy both daytime and nighttime views of Japan’s largest metropolis.

Tours cost 2,500 JPY, or 1,700 JPY when purchased in addition to a ticket for the main observatory.

Check out the Japan Times video below, to see footage of the Skytree Terrace.

Source: ANN News, The Japan Times
Image: スカイツリー 塔の外に出られる「第3の展望台」(18/10/23) (ANN News)

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