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Meet Mr. Tarn, The Japanese Mr. Bean (Video)

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The Japanese YouTuber Tan, who you may remember from his ridiculous all sneeze cover of the Dragon Ball Z opening theme, is apparently a big fan of the popular 1990s British sitcom Mr. Bean because last year he released two very amusing videos featuring a character who you could say is the Japanese Mr. Bean.

Starring Tan as Mr. Tarn, these two videos are very well done homages to Rowan Atkinson’s classic comedic television series. Much like Mr. Bean, these videos feature almost no spoken lines of dialog, silly physical comedy and wacky solutions to rather simple problems. Also, they’re totally enjoyable even for people that have never seen Mr. Bean.

Obviously, no Japanese is necessary to enjoy these videos. Enjoy.

Episode 1: The sound effects have gone haywire

In this episode Mr. Tarn enters his room and finds that the sounds of everyday life are a bit off. This results in plenty of wackiness as he tries to figure out what is going on. Again, no Japanese is necessary to enjoy this video, however, you might benefit from knowing that 110 is the emergency contact number for the police in Japan.

Episode 2: A persistent fly shows up at bedtime

In this episode Mr. Tarn is preparing to get some sleep, when all of a sudden the most annoying fly in the world shows up and refuses to let him get some rest.

Source: Tannotube (Episode 1), Tannotube (Episode 2)
Image: 【Mr.Tarn】効果音がバグった世界?! 【喜劇】

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