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Elmo And Cookie Monster Get In On The PPAP Craze

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Just when you thought this whole PPAP thing was dead
and over with Elmo and Cookie Monster release their own parody video, CBCC
(Cookie, Butter, Choco, Cookie). I think we can call it officially dead now,
right? I gotta say it’s cute though. Rnjoy.

Yes, Elmo and Cookie Monster are speaking Japanese. Although
that may feel a bit strange for anyone that gew up watching them speak English
you have to admit that the voices are fairly close to the English language
ones. In any case, if you watched the whole video then you noticed that the man
himself, Pikotaro, actually makes an appearance too. He ends up dancing with
them but not before providing them with a quick dance lesson. Then after they
finish dancing Pikotaro states that he has to leave because he has to go to his
part-time job. Yes, Pikotaro, a man who has gotten millions upon millions of
views on Youtube and has managed to make quite a bit of money over the past
couple months has a job on the side. He works at a sneaker factory making
sneakers but not just any sneakers, only right foot sneakers. No left foot
sneakers for him, just right foot.
Given the nature of the entertainment industry in
Japan and internet fame it’s rather unclear what will
happen to Pikotaro. However, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if even if he is
largely forgotten by the rest of the world he manages to stick around in one
way or another within Japan. The fact that he has been in the Japanese
entertainment industry for many years
now also suggests that even if he doesn’t keep doing the Pikotaro character he
may just adopt another stage name or just use the other stage name he was using,
Kosaka Daimou.
Either way, one thing is for sure, PPAP has made him enough money to buy all the pens, apples and pineapples he could ever want.
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