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High School Football Player Dies After Hit During Game

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This is a pretty sad story but despite it being
covered pretty widely in Japan I didn’t see the English language websites
reporting on it so here it is.

November 17th a third year high school student (12th grade) died due to trauma
he received during an American football game 4 days earlier. According to the
school (Kansai Gakuin), Shogo Takeuchi, who was 18-years old, was participating
in a national high school football tournament on the 13th in Suita, Osaka. It
was there where during a game he was tackled and received a particularly hard
hit to the head. After the hit he was checked by the team doctor and found to
be responsive. However, he lost consciousness soon thereafter. He did regain consciousness
and return home that day but doctors say it was this hit that ultimately caused
his death (acute subdural hematoma). It was also said that the young man
complained to the team trainer of a “slight headache” 2 days before the game
where he suffered the hit but doctors have said that it is very unlikely that
this is related. The director of Kansai Gakuin released a statement expressing
his regret and promising that they will take measures to ensure this never
happens again.

Source NHK
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