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Japan Is The Land Of Canine Pop Stars

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Watch Japan’s newest idol group MOFU MOFU☆DOGS’ new music video for
their first single “Waiting4U~We’ll Make You Mofu Mofu~” (in Japanese “Waiting4U~Mofu
Mofu Sasete ageru~”). They even included English subtitles!

When I saw this video it reminded me of MAN WITH A
MISSION, the Japanese rock group known for having members with wolf heads. As
far as I know they are not related but maybe we have a trend on our hands?

is one more in a long line of Japanese idol groups created in order to promote
aproduct or place. Another example of this trend, which I happen to find
particularly amusing is Negicco (ねぎっこ),
an idol group created by the Japan Agricultural Cooperative Group as a means of
promoting the sale and consumption of negi
(green onions). Aside from the fact that MOFU MOFU☆DOGS (as far as we know)
is a fictional group that won’t be doing live performances they are no
different from Negicco and other such groups. This whole video was created by
the Akita Inu Tourism group in order to promote tourism in the Japanese
prefecture of Akita. So that’s why Akita dogs and many other things
representative of that region of Japan are featured in the video.

The video dropped a little over two weeks ago on
November 1st at 11:01. And no this was not a coincidence. It just so happens
that November 1st is dog day in Japan. This is because in Japan dogs
don’t say woof when they bark. They
say wan wan. And coincidentally this
sounds a lot like the English word for the number 1. So logically it follows
that November 1st is dog day and there is no better date or time to release
this video. And if you disagree, take it up with MOFU MOFU☆DOGS.

By the way, mofu mofu is an actual
word in Japanese. It is usually translated as fluffy or soft but this video
provides a much more specific meaning for this word.

“a state of fluffy softness and warmth, like the fur
of an Akita dog. This state is so strong that people find themselves wanting to
touch the fur.”

So go to Akita and get your MOFU MOFU on.

Click here for a short making of video.

And just in case you’d like to see more singing dogs check out the ending of the 1999 comedy anime Excel Saga. It’s a personal favorite of mine.

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