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Introducing MOOVIES: Totally Bizarre And “Wonderfully Meaningless” Japanese Videos (Video)

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Image source: Tokyo Soko YouTube

Tokyo Soko, the comedy YouTube channel behind a ridiculous web series about bizarre ways to increase bust size, is at it again, and this time it’s in the form of truly strange videos that they proudly claim are “meaningless.”

As of January of this year, Tokyo Soko has changed its focus from scripted comedy web series to short absurd videos they call “MOOVIE,” or 無VIE (mūbī). Although some of these moovies are still part of larger web series, they are for the most part, devoid of any continuity, plot or background information. They also tend to be less than a minute or two long. In other words, they can be watched quickly and lend themselves quite well to being shared on social media.

The name of these peculiar videos is the product of combining the English word “movie” and the Japanese kanji character 無 (mu), which means “nothing.” This is a reference to the idea that these videos are intended to, as the moovie Facebook page puts it, “wonderfully meaningless.”

Along with Tokyo Soko’s change in the kind of content they produce, also came a switch in delivery platform. Although they do still upload some of their moovies to their YouTube channel, the moovie Facebook page is where you have to go to if you want to make sure you get all of their content.

So, now that all of that background information is out of the way, let’s take a look at some moovies.

First up, we have a video called Nihon-Bashi, Tokyo. Nihon-Bashi is the name of a place in Tokyo, however, this title seems just as pointless as the video itself so don’t think about it and just watch the moovie.

If that caught your interest, then you may want to check out the video below, which is called Mark Zuckerberg.

This next one is part 3 in a series  of videos called Life of Suzuki. It features the star of this series, a man, presumably named Suzuki, on a flying chair ride at an amusement park and that’s pretty much it.

And here’s one more. It is called Angel BabaA (babā means old woman/hag).

If you’d like to see even more moovies then you should check out the official moovie Facebook page. Although some movies, such as the ones above, do get posted to YouTube, many don’t, so if you want access to all of these strange videos you’ll want to head to their Facebook page. Other videos you’ll find on the Facebook moovie page include, strange animated shorts, a series of 360 degree videos starring an elf that looks at erotic ukiyoe works and much more.

For more Tokyo Soko content check out the article below.

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