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J-YouTuber Tries To Stick Himself To A Wall And “Relax” (Video)

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This is how Spiderman drinks tea.

The Japanese YouTuber Sushi Ramen Riku recently tried to find out if he could use extra sticky double-sided tape to stick himself to a wall and have a cup of tea.

This stupid but amusing video begins with Riku providing the following opening statement. Just read it and don’t think too hard about it.

“If you were able to just stick yourself to a wall with the same ease and freedom that you’re able to jump on your sofa and watch TV after you get home, you would never need your sofa again. So, today I want to become able to stick myself to a wall”

After this totally logical set-up Riku continues by explaining that he’ll be using some very powerful double-sided tape to make this ridiculous stunt happen. Finally, he adds that once his sticky wall is complete, he will be testing it out by running at full speed and jumping right into it, just like he does with his couch when he gets home. If it works, he’ll try to relax while hanging from the wall and have some tea, because that’s what people do when they relax after a long day; they have a cup of tea.

Find out if Riku succeeds or if he just ends up hurting himself (or maybe both?) in the video below.

Source: Sushi Ramen Riku
Image: スパイダーマンみたいに壁にくっ付ける!?【大成功】

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