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There Is No Easier Cat To Take Care Of Than This One [Video]

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Here’s your cat video for the day… kind of.

Japanese Twitter user miru (@bebebe5353) has a cat. However, it’s a very special cat. Like many other felines it likes to lounge around on a cushion all day just staring at nothing, almost as if it was daydreaming. Unlike other cats though, miru’s doesn’t eat, sleeps or go to the bathroom. Heck, it doesn’t even breathe. That’s because even though it definitely looks real, it’s actually made of wool felt. Check out the video below.

Given the amount of skill and the time that must have gone into this absolutely amazing life-size felt cat, you’d be tempted to assume that miru is quite the talented craftsperson, and you’d be correct. One need look no further for proof than the rest of miru’s Twitter account to see other impressive felt masterpieces. For example, check out this wool felt ferret miru made.

And this hedgehog with a doughnut on its head.

And how about this incredibly real and totally cute dog?

Miru specializes in creating felt dogs and cats. However, as evidenced by some of the photos above, miru also seems to like making other cute animals. Miru also takes orders, so if you really really want one of these for yourself, you may want to contact her/him via Twitter and find out how much it’ll cost you.

Source: Otakuma
Image: Twitter @bebebe5353

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