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Three Chewbaccas Playing Star Wars Songs On Huge Xylophones [Video]

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Who knew wookies were such talented musicians?

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you almost certainly know Chewbacca. This famous and lovable creature is incredibly strong, loyal, and, of course, very hairy. Judging by a new video though, it would appear that he’s also an expert xylophone player.

Released late last month to coincide with the June 29 Japanese release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the video above shows the guys from the well-known HATSU 012 YouTube channel showing off their amazing xylophone playing skills while donning masks of everyone’s favorite wookie and performing classic Star Wars songs like “The Imperial March” and the frachise’s main theme.

These quirky musicians can do a whole lot more than just play Star Wars songs, though. In fact, their entire YouTube channel is filled with cute covers of classic video game songs and yes, it seems to be their policy to always wear the appropriate headgear for each song.

For example, here’s the HATSU 012 guys performing a fun cover of the main theme from Pokemon Red & Blue, complete with Pokemon hats!

Here’s Hatsu 012’s take on the Route 1 song, also from Pokemon Red & Blue.

HATSU 012 also has an interesting selection of songs from the Final Fantasy franchise, including, of course, the instantly recognizable main theme.

For you Chrono Trigger fans, here’s a great cover of “Wind Scene.”

It seems though that these guys have a particular affinity for the Dragon Quest franchise because this is the franchise they go back to the most. The video below is the very first one they uploaded to the channel back in November of 2015 and it is a cover of “Into the Legend” from Dragon Quest III.

And finally, here’s a rare departure from all the classic RPG music, a cover of “Day of the River” from the beloved Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away.

For more of these wonderful xylophone covers, make sure to check out the HATSU 012 YouTube channel.

Source: HATSU 012 YouTube Channel
Image: HATSU 012 YouTube Channel

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