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What Toilets Sound Like In The World Of The Legend Of Zelda [Video]

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It’s like opening a treasure chest every time you go to poop.

Over the course of his many, many years as the hero of Hyrule, The Legend of Zelda‘s Link has done everything from paragliding, to traveling through time. However, one thing fans have yet to see the pointy-eared adventurer do is use the toilet. He’s a humanoid and has even been seen eating in some games, so obviously he must need to relieve himself from time to time. So what would this be like? Motivated out of a desire to make his toilet more like something you’d find within the Zelda games, a Japanese YouTuber by the name of Papa Muto seems to have inadvertently answered this question.

Released earlier this month, the video below begins with Papa Muto explaining that he used a circuit board and a few other things like some cardboard, tape, and a cheap case, along with classic sound effects from The Legend of Zelda franchise to transform his boring old toilet into a Zelda toilet. After this brief explanation he actually shows the outcome of his work, so make sure to watch until the end of the video.

Yes, that’s the “secret” sound effect that you hear right before he opens the door and when he hits the button to lift the toilet seat, you hear the sound heard after opening a treasure chest and obtaining a new item. Although unfortunately, there’s no weapons or magical tools within the bowl of the toilet, it’s still pretty amusing and one can’t help but think this is exactly what Link hears inside his head after finding a toilet following a long day of monster-slaying and horse riding.

Source: Papa Mutoyukki YouTube
Image: ボイスレコーダーでトイレをゼルダの伝説化 (Papa Mutoyukki YouTube)

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