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Top Knot Detective: From Failed Samurai Show To Australian Cult Classic (Video)

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Image source: Top Knot Samurai

Starring Mr. Top Knot Detective himself, Takashi Takamoto, the crazy Japanese commercial below was shot during the peak of the problematic actor/writer/director’s fame. The commercial features Takamoto in full Top Knot Detective costume teaching a lesson to a boy who decided to try smoking some super smooth menthol cigarettes despite not being of legal age. Check it out and make sure to keep reading so you can learn about the very interesting story behind this ridiculous ad.

If you thought this commercial couldn’t possibly be real, then you’re right. And Top Knot Detective is not a real TV series either. It is however, a new mockumentary that gives Japanese samurai films and television shows the This is Spinal Tap treatment.

Written and directed by the creative team of Aaron McCann and Dominic Pearce, Top Knot Detective is a movie about a fake Japanese samurai/detective series from the early 90s , that despite failing in Japan managed to become a cult classic in Australia, where it became known as, you guessed it, Top Knot Detective.

The original (fake) Japanese series was created, written and directed by the fame-hungry Takashi Takamoto (played by Toshi Tokuzaki). However, aside from his behind the camera responsibilities, Takamoto, who was always looking for a way to be in the spotlight, also played the lead role of Detective Sheimasu, a samurai-police officer appointed by the Shogun. In the show Detective Sheimasu encounters all sorts of ridiculous challenges, which result in plenty of ludicrous situations and a whole lot of over the top violence.

The movie focuses on Takamoto, his troubled life and all the behind the scenes drama that he caused during the production of the original Japanese show. The trailer below, which was released last week, gives you just a taste of what you can expect from thisvery interesting take on the samurai genre.

Before Top Knot Detective became a full-length movie, it was a 9-minute short. Although there do appear to be some differences between these two productions, such as the main character being named Takashi Tawagoto, for the most part, they both seem to follow the same story. You can check out the 9-minute short here.

Currently, Top Knot Detective is only being screened at film festivals. Details about a full release have yet to be released. However, given the release of the trailer this month, it seems likely that information about a release date may be coming in the near future. If you would like more information on Top Knot Detective you can visit the movie’s official Facebook and Twitter pages.

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