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Toyota Releases Cool Akira And Fist Of The North Star Inspired Ads (Video)

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Image source: Toyota

Fresh off the massive success of Toyota’s Street Fighter II based commercial, the Japanese car manufacturer has released two new ‘team-up’ commercials and this time they involve two classic anime properties.

These two new commercials are the third and fourth installments of a very creative ad campaign meant to promote Toyota’s new crossover SUV, the C-HR. The entire ad campaign is a play on the the fact that the C-HR is a ‘crossover SUV,’ thus all of the commercials have involved team-ups, i.e. ‘crossovers’ with different companies. In the first of these commercials Toyota teamed-up with Japanese toy car maker Tomica. And then in the second installment they temed-up with the creator of the classic 2D fighting game Street Fighter II, Capcom.

Released last week (Mar. 24), the third installment in this series is the product of a team-up with Tetsuo Hara, the famous manga artist and creator of the incredibly popular, ultra violent post-apocalyptic manga/anime Fist of the North Star.

The ad, which you can watch for yourself below, begins much like Fist of the North Star does, except this time the year is 20XX and not 199X. The narrator in the video explains that even though the world is filled with pillaging and violence, people’s interest in cars has not died out. Meanwhile, on screen you can see some original Tetsuo Hara illustrations.

The fourth installment in Toyota’s Crossover the World ad series was released this week (Mar. 26). This ad is the product of a team-up with Katsuhiro Otomo, the man responsible for the classic manga/anime movie, Akira.

The ad takes viewers on a tour of the 2017 version of Neo Tokyo. Although the violence of the opening motorcycle fight scene of Akira is absent, this commercial will definitely feel familiar to anyone who remembers that sequence. Check it out below.

If you would like to watch the Street Fighter II and/or Tomica ads, click here.

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