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Niigata City Uses Heavy Metal To Promote Tourism (Video)

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Image source: Sado Metal

In what may be a first, a city in Japan has released a no-holds barred heavy metal music video as a way of promoting tourism.

Sado City is located in Niigata Prefecture and comprises the entirety of the sixth largest island in Japan, Sado Island. Although it is a beautiful place, with many tourist attractions and great food, Sado is perhaps best known for Sado Kinzan, a historically important precious metal mine that was active during the Edo period and at its peak produced about 400 kg of gold a year. It is due to this link to precious metals that the Sado Tourism Association decided to use the power of heavy metal to promote their city.

“SADO METAL” is the name of the song featured in the new music video. It was composed by Tetsuya Kanmuri, the vocalist of the Japanese heavy metal band, THE Kanmuri (The Crown, THE ňćá). Tetsuya also provides the vocals for “SADO METAL,” however, in this song he is credited as “SADIST Kanmuri,” and yes, that’s a play on the whole heavy metal motif/name of Sado.

In the music video Tetsuya is joined by a number of other heavy metal musicians, including SAKI, a member of the female heavy metal band Mary’s Blood, on guitar, Igorerino STAR on bass, Okesano JOE on guitar, and Ryuoudou no Matsu on drums.

Along with the musicians the video also features appearances by residents of Sado City and Sadokki, a mascot based on the Japanese crested ibis, a bird with deep ties to Sado Island.

Of course, the video isn’t just about headbanging and high-pitched vocals. The video also does a great job of showcasing the beauty of Sado and many of its famous places and products.

So, if you’re ready to take a trip to the heavy metal city of Sado, check out the video below.

If you would like to learn more about Sado, then check out the official English-language Sado Island website here.

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