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Admitted Driftwood Thief Suspected Of Stealing $2K Worth Of Lizards And Hating People Who Work [Video]

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Is that a lizard in your pocket?

A man in Tokyo suspected of stealing close to $2,000 worth of lizards from a Tokyo shop specializing in reptiles has been arrested after getting caught shoplifting driftwood.

On Wednesday (Oct. 10) at a little after 6 p.m. a 33-year-old unemployed man named Akira Ymaguchi was arrested after getting caught shoplifting a piece of driftwood intended for aquariums and cages from a reptile shop located in Tokyo’s Kita Ward. Police suspect that Yamaguchi is also responsible for a separate shoplifting incident that occurred one month earlier at the same shop.

Screenshot of suspect reaching into a lizard cage before removing a lizard and putting it into his pants pocket on September 18

Security camera footage filmed on September 18 shows a man believed to be Yamaguchi reaching into a cage, grabbing a lizard, and without any hesitation stuffing the lizard into his pants pocket.

Suspect with lizard in right pants pocket

In another part of the footage one of the lizards the man was working on stealing can clearly be seen climbing onto the man’s shoulder after escaping from his pocket. The man then grabs the lizard but the lizard once again seems to get free because it can be seen scurrying up his arm and back.

Suspect leaving the scene of the crime with his t-shirt proudly declaring his disdain for those who work for a living

To make the video even stranger, the lizard thief can be seen sporting a very distinct look. Whereas the right half of his head is shaved and black, the left half of his head has longer hair dyed blonde. And covering his upper body is a t-shirt featuring large text on the front which roughly translates to “If you work, you’re a loser” (hataraitara make).

A lizard in the process of being shoplifted scurries onto the suspect’s shoulder

A total of four lizards are alleged to have been stolen. The total retail value of the lizards is estimated at 200,000 yen ($1,780 USD). Among the missing lizards was at least one peacock monitor (a species of small monitor lizard native to Indonesia) and one valued at 80,000 yen ($712 USD).

Yamaguchi on October 10

Yamaguchi has admitted to stealing the piece of driftwood for which he was arrested, however, it is unclear if he has also admitted to stealing the lizards in September. Nevertheless, given Yamaguchi’s very distinct appearance and an abundance of clear security camera footage it would appear that police won’t have too much trouble with this case as they continue to look into it.

The ANN News video below shows clips from the security camera footage filmed at the reptile shop.

If you’d like to read about another very peculiar shoplifting case that occurred recently, check out the article below.

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Source: ANN News, FNN Prime
Image: “トカゲを万引き”防犯カメラが・・・ 1匹8万円も(18/10/11) (ANN News)

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