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The Tokyo City Ladies Open, A Crazy Golf Tournament Held On The Streets Of Tokyo? (Video)

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Image source: Tokyo City Ladies Open

Just in time for April 1, the Japanese satellite broadcast channel, WOWOW, has released a ridiculous video of the Tokyo City Ladies Open, a fictional golf tournament that requires its participants to play golf not in a golf course, but rather in the streets of some of Tokyo’s most famous locations.

The video, which is an April Fools’ stunt, was released this week (Mar. 27) as a way of promoting the upcoming 29 tournaments of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), which are set to broadcast on WOWOW, starting with the ANA Inspiration Tournament on March 30.

As with any good April Fools’ Day video, the creators went the extra mile to make this look believable. Throughout the video sports commentators can be overheard talking about the golfers as they try to make difficult shots on the busy streets of Tokyo.

The video features appearances by professional golfer Shino Miyata and the idol group, Akishibu project (アキシブproject). The 3 minute and 32 second video shows off five of the absurd holes of the fictional Tokyo City Ladies Open.

The video starts off with the first hole of the tournament, which is located in the very busy Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station. The video then shows the 7th hole, located at the base of the iconic Tokyo Tower. Next up is a hole located in the popular tourist area of Asakusa. Then, the video shows the 16th hole, which involves a particularly tricky shot from the artificial island of Odaiba, over the waters of Tokyo Bay and onto a party boat. Finally, the video shows the last hole of the tournament, which is located also in Odaiba but this time at the Edo-style onen (hot springs) theme park, Oedo Onsen Monogatari.

Check out the video below, and if you’d like some translations of the silly things being said in the video make sure to keep scrolling down once you’re done watching.

At Tpkyo Station 

Commentator 1: Oh! She hadn’t predicted this! She bumped into a person walking while on their phone. This is frustrating.
Commentator 2: That’s dangerous.

At Tokyo Tower

Commentator 2: Is this Tokyo Tower’s radio waves trying to mess with her?

While walking along Nakamise Street in Asakusa

Commentator 1: They must be discussing their strategy about what to do next as they walk.
Caddy: Please eat a bunch.
Golfer 2: Yeah, manju (a type of sweet) are delicious.
Commentator 2: She’s not concentrating [on the game] at all…

Miyata at Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Commentator 2: She’s so cute.
Commentator 1: Yes.

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