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Otagei Dancers Do Routine To Keyakizaka46’s Fukyōwaon (Video)

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Get your otagei on.

The otagei dance group Kita no Uchishitachi has released a video which shows them performing a routine to a song with one of Japan’s most popular music videos of 2017: “Fukyōwaon” (Dissonance, 不協和音) by the pop idol group Keyakizaka46.

Check it out below.

The version of “Fukyōwaon” used in the video above is a cover performed by the Japanese singer-songwriter LUNO. It was originally used in a video by a popular group of Japanese YouTubers called AVNTIS. In that video (below) it’s possible to see the AVNTIS boys dressed up like the Keyakizaka46 girls doing their best to recreate the original music video.

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Source: Kita no uchishitachi
Image: 欅坂46「不協和音」 ヲタ芸で表現してみた【北の打ち師達】 (Kita no Uchishitachi YouTube Channel)

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