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J-YouTubers Go Ghost Places, Speak Only Very Bad English, Oh My God! (Video)

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Image source: Watanabe Mahoto YouTUbe

Earlier today (Apr. 4), the popular Japanese YouTuber, Mahoto Watanabe, released the third installment in a ridiculous series of videos that revolves around the concept of him and his YouTuber friends only being allowed to speak English while they visit places with a reputation for being haunted.

The first episode in this unique series was released in June of 2015. At the beginning of this video, which you can watch below, Mahoto explains that since their previous videos have been in Japanese they should do this one in English in order to reach viewers overseas. He then sets a rule that once they enter the shinrei supotto (a place said to be haunted) they will only be allowed to speak in English. In this episode, Mahoto and his friends went to Kyufukiage Tunnel, a well-known ‘ghost spot’ located in Oume City, Tokyo. And in case you don’t like scary videos, don’t worry, these guys use English so ‘creatively’ that this video ends up being far more comedic than frightening.

In the second installment Mahoto and his crew go to a place in Tokyo called Aoyama Reien (Aoyama Ghost Park). The highlight of this video is probably the usage of the phrase “Horror ejaculation.”

In the latest episode, these broken English using ghosthunters, head to a place that Mahoto says he had been too scared to go to on a prior occasion. Although he does not announce the name of this location at the beginning of the video like in the previous two episodes, at the end of the video he refers to it as Kami no Ie (House of God[s]), which makes it seem likely that they are at a ‘ghost spot’ located in Gunma Prefecture, knon as Kami no Sumu Ie (The House Where God[s] Lives).

So now you know, next time you want to make something less scary, just think of poorly spoken ridiculous English, like the very memorable phrase, “horror ejaculation.” It’ll make anything immediately less frightening.

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