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Japanese Youtuber Uses Big Macho Muscle Man To Surprise His Sweet Old Grannie (Video)

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One of the most patient gramdmas around.

Trying to scare your grandmother by hiding somewhere and suddenly jumping out at her, is something that a lot of people have done at least once as kids. However, eventually you grow out of that and learn to leave your grandmother in peace. Not the popular Japanese Youtuber Sushi Ramen Riku though. Over the course of his YouTube career he’s come up with quite a number of interesting ways to scare his grandmother and his latest one involves using a very ripped foreigner.

The Prank

At the beginning of the video, Riku explains his prank, saying that he constructed a small table and placed it in his house for two weeks, so as to not have his grandmother suspect there was anything fishy going on.

This table also has a working phone glued to it.

Before actually trying the prank out on his grandmother, Riku shows in the video how the prank is supposed to go. The glued phone will ring while his grandmother is sitting nearby. She will then reach to answer it and find that the phone is stuck. Meanwhile, Riku’s friend, the muscular man will be inside the table waiting patiently for the phone to ring and Riku’s grandmother to reach for it. Once that happens, he’ll pop out and the screaming should ensure.

So does it work? Yes, and it’s pretty amusing. Check it out for yourself below.

As mentioned above, this isn’t the first time Riku has targeted his grandmother. For example, in the video below, Riku does a complicated four day prank involving a black mannequin. He spends the first three of these days getting his grandmother used to the black mannequin by using it to surprise her in various ways. Then, on the fourth day, when it seems she’s become desensitized to the lifeless black figure, Riku puts on black full-body tights, stands in the hallway of the house and waits for her to pass by him. When she eventually does try to walk by the black figure in the hallway, what she thinks is just that same old annoying mannequin but is actually Riku in black tights, suddenly it comes alive, tarts talking to her and yes, she ends up screaming. Check it out below.

If you’re thinking that scaring a nice old lady like this is a bit mean, then you’d be mostly right. Often times prank videos like these are just insensitive and mean-spirited. However, as evidenced by Grandma Riku’s reactions in both videos, she doesn’t seem to mind the surprises all that much. In fact, she often ends up laughing after she’s done screaming. When asked by Riku at the end of the mannequin video if she has a strong heart, grandma Riku tells her grandson, “I think so” and “I won’t be dying from these pranks. I’m not some pushover.” So, it seems she’s mostly fine with experiencing a few heart-racing moments every now and then, as long as she gets to spend a little time with her wacky grandson.

Source: Sushi Ramen Riku
Image: いきなりマッチョが机をブチ破って飛び出すドッキリ!! (Sushi Ramen Riku)

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