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Talking Translation w. Sarah Moon | Japan Station 43

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On This Episode of Japan Station

On this episode of the Japan Station podcast, Sarah Moon teaches us a bit about what it’s like being a translator of anime and games.

About Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon is a professional translator (Japanese to English) who has experience localizing both video games and anime. On YouTube Sarah manages two channels: Sarah Moon and Sarah Loves Food. Her videos on Sarah Moon focus on teaching Japanese, what it’s like being a translator, and the Japanese language. On Sarah Loves Food, Sarah focuses on cooking and general food-related content.

Topics Discussed

  • The various ways one can translate the word aho
  • The tendency of beginning Japanese learners to think they know more than they actually know
  • Some of the assets and procedures involved in translating anime and games to English
  • Literal translations versus localized translations
  • How translators deal with original terms/words and character names
  • Whether AI might be eliminating the need for anime translators
  • What simulcast anime translation is and how it is done
  • The “high context” nature of the Japanese language
  • Sarah’s food focused YouTube channel
  • And much more!

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Links, Videos, Etc.

You can find Sarah Moon on all of the platforms below.

Here is Sarah’s video discussing the meaning and many possible translations of the Japanese term tsundere.

Here is the video in which Sarah argues with herself over whether anime should have literal or localized translations. Spoiler alert: Sarah is a proponent of localized translations.

In this video Sarah discusses how she thinks anime should be released to an international audience. In it she also addresses anime simulcasting.

Here is Sarah’s amigurumi reenactment of the Sailor Moon S opening.

You can use the link below to check out the latest episode of Ichimon Japan. This episode is focused on the city of Osaka.

Special Thanks

Opening/Closing song: Oedo Controller (大江戸コントローラー) by Yunomi featuring Toriena (Used with permission from Yunomi)
To listen to more of Yunomi’s music, check out his Soundcloud page or YouTube channel.

Japan Station cover art: Provided by Erik R.

Featured image: Courtesy of Sarah Moon

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