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Cosplaying Taiwanese Pianist Racks Up Massive Views with Impressive Covers of Anime Songs [Video]

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Who knew so many anime characters were so good at playing the piano?

In the more than two decades since Neon Genesis Evangelion hit the airwaves, its iconic opening theme “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” (Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze), has been covered countless times. In fact, there’s so many of these covers that at least a couple of them have been featured right here onJapankyo. But even with all the excellent covers out there, every once in a while someone still manages to produce a new version of “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” that stands out from the crowd. Recently, the Taiwanese pianist/YouTuber RuRu did just that when she released a video in which she performs a masterful rendition of the Evangelion theme song all while dressed as one of the franchise’s most popular characters: Rei Ayanami.

The video above is not a one-off for RuRu. Her popular YouTube channel boasts an expansive collection of videos featuring her performing popular anime opening and ending themes while at the same time dressed as characters from the franchises those songs originate from.

For example, in the video below RuRu can be seen masterfully performing the theme song of Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale–titled “Catch the Moment”–while dressed as Yuuki Asuna.

And in the video below RuRu performs the opening song to the original Dragon Ball anime while cosplaying as Android 18 (being that Android 18 did not appear until Dragon Ball Z it seems like RuRu should’ve chosen to cosplay as Bulma, but oh well, still a fun video).

Still not enough? How about a video in which RuRu performs “Fighting Gold,” which is the opening theme of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. In this video RuRu cosplays as Guido Mista.

And for you One Piece fans here is RuRu’s rendition of the series’ 14th opening theme “Fight Together.” In this one RuRu cosplays as Boa Hancock.

Between RuRu’s amazing skills on the piano, the passion anime fans have for music from their favorite shows, and the fact that there is no language barrier to her videos, RuRu has managed to develop quite the following. Aside from well over a million subscribers to her YouTube channel, RuRu’s videos often get many hundreds of thousands of views.

If you’re interested in checking out more of RuRu’s videos, then make sure to head over to her YouTube channel. RuRu has tons more videos in which she covers songs from popular anime, such as Hunter x Hunter, Slam Dunk, Violet Evergreen, Re:Zero, and more.

Source: Ru’s Piano Ru味春捲 YouTube Channel
Featured image: 「A Cruel Angel’s Thesis」Neon Genesis Evangelion OP Ver.2 – Ru’s Piano (Ru’s Piano YouTube Channel)

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