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J-YouTuber Creates a “Kamehameha Machine” to Blow Away Frieza with a Jet of Glowing Liquid [Video]

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This is easily the wettest Kamehameha you’ll ever see.

The Dragon Ball franchise has no shortage of iconic techniques that have managed to burn themselves into the hearts and minds of fans around the world. There’s the Genki-dama (Spirit Bomb), Vegeta’s Final Flash, Piccolo’s Makankōsappō (Special Beam Cannon), Captain Ginyu’s Body Change, the Solar Flare (Taiyōken), the Kaioken, and so many more. But undoubtedly the most famous of these fantastical techniques is Goku’s signature move: the Kamehameha. Passed down to him by the turtle hermit himself, the Kamehameha has helped Goku defeat a plethora of enemies and in doing so it has become the move that just about every kid who has ever watched a Dragon Ball series has pretended to perform at least once. The popular Japanese YouTuber Sushi Ramen Riku is, of course, no exception. As a child he too pretended to shoot Kamehamehas from his hands. And now, in his latest video Sushi Ramen Riku has made an attempt to turn his childhood dream of pulling off Goku’s most famous attack into reality.

In the video below Sushi Ramen Riku can be seen constructing what he calls a “Kamehameha Machine.” Basically, it’s a tube that when activated (by pulling a string) shoots out a jet of pressurized liquid. However, instead of plain water Riku fills the contraption with what he describes as a “shining liquid.” This device combined with a bit of Goku cosplay, a friend dressed up as Frieza who is willing to be drenched in a glowing liquid, and Riku’s commitment to this ridiculous bit result in a hilarious real world incarnation of one of the most iconic attacks in all of anime and manga. While it definitely won’t stop any evil aliens or androids, Riku’s Kamehameha is sure to cool you off on a hot summer day. Check out the video below and by the way, the video does have English subtitles which you can turn on via the video settings.

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Source: Sushi Ramen Riku YouTube Channel
Image: Dragon Ball KAMEHAMEHA Machine

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