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J-YouUber Devises Ridiculous and “Futuristic” Way of Taking off His Pants [Video]

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Way better than tearaway pants.

From cleaning your keyboard to inflating a tire, it’s almost like there’s nothing some well placed compressed air can’t accomplish. If fact, as a new video by the Japanese YouTuber Sushi Ramen Riku proves, compressed air can even be used in order to take your pants off with lightning speed.

Released last week (Dec. 21), the video below begins with Sushi Ramen Riku speculating that people in the year 2050 no longer use their bare hands to take off their pants. Although he provides no real evidence for this very random thought, this nevertheless is all he needs to justify the creation of a crazy contraption that lets him take off his pants in the blink of an eye using nothing more than compressed air and a pull string. As evidenced by the image above, Sushi Ramen Riku very much succeeds and ends up totally pants-less. Check out the video below to see this silly stunt for yourself. By the way, the video has English subtitles!

Now that you know how to take off your pants super quickly, you’re ready to learn how to take off your t-shirt like a pro. Check out the article below to learn just that.

Japanese Idol Erina Kamiya Shows Off Two Super Fast Ways To Take Off A T-Shirt [Video]

Also, just a quick warning. Be very careful when you play with compressed air. To find out what happens when you’re not careful, check out the article below.

Man Dies After Coworkers Shoot Compressed Air Up His Butt [Reenactment Video]

Source: Sushi Ramen Riku YouTube
Image: [Evolution] A machine for people in 2050 to remove their pants. (Sushi Ramen Riku YouTube)

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