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3 Interesting (And Somewhat Strange) Japanese Idol VR Videos

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Ever wish you could go on a date with your favorite Japanese idol? Well, keep on wishing because that’s not going to happen. However, if you’re willing to settle for a VR date, then you might be in luck.

Today we’ll be taking a look at three interesting and somewhat strange 360-degree VR videos that feature Japanese idols. No Hatsune Miku here. This list contains only videos that have real, living, breathing idols. So get out your VR headset if you have one and get ready to spend a bit of quality time with some idols.

3. Go on a karaoke date with an idol

This video features idol Yuki Tanaka and is supposed to recreate the karaoke date experience. In the video Tanaka can be seen having an absolutely delightful time with you. Most of the video is just her eating and then occasionally teasing you by offering you food which she just ends up eating herself. Then towards the end, your virtual you tries to grab the microphone so you two can start singing but she takes it from you. Tanaka tells you that the two of you have plenty of time and that instead of rushing you two should use this time to get to know each other.

2. Have idols whisper in your ear and dance all around you

This video features the idol group ANGERME (anjurumu). After a short ASMR inspired portion at the beginning of the video the girls break out into a performance of their song “Tsugi Tsugi Zoku Zoku” (One by One, One after Another). Then, something strange happens so brace yourself.

1. Become a stray cat and have an idol find you

This video also features Yuki Tanaka. However, this time you are not on a date with her. You’re a stray cat in a park. Yep, a cat. She finds you and names you Mike (Mee-keh). And that’s it. Don’t ask why, just put on some cat ears and watch the video below.

So there you have it, three of the more ‘unique’ VR idol videos out there. Hope you enjoyed it.

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