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J-YouTuber Tries The Most Bitter Tea In The World (Video)

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Who wants to see a gravure idol make a strange face?

RaMu, a Japanese model/gravure idol/YouTuber, has released an amusing video in which she tries “the most bitter tea in the world.”

The intensely bitter tea that RaMu drinks in the video is made from the leaves of a type of holly plant called ilex kaushue. This tea is known as mochinokicha in Japan and Kuding in China, where it is often consumed for its supposed health benefits.

Junsei tte Nigai (Life is Bitter)

The specific brand of tea that RaMu drinks in the video is called Jinsei tte Nigai, which literally translates to Life is Bitter. On the package of this amusingly named tea, it not only claims to be the most bitter tea in the world, it also lists three rather silly warnings.

The first warning tells people not to use this tea in “batsu game,” which are games that involve the loser getting punished. In other words, it’s saying “this tea is perfect for batsu game.” The second warning states that the company doesn’t accept complaints about the tea being too bitter. The last warning advises people not to drink this tea in front of other people because it causes laughter.

The video begins with RaMu explaining that even though this is “the most bitter tea in the world” she thinks she can handle it because she did tea ceremony (sadō) when she was in kindergarten and so she is used to drinking bitter tea. Following this, she goes over the warnings explained above and begins preparing the tea.

By the way, nigai means “bitter” in Japanese. You’re going to hear RaMu say that quite a bit in the video, so you may as well know what it means.

In case you’re wondering, after her first sip RaMu says that the tea is so bitter it leaves you unable to speak. She then adds that it’s 100 times more bitter than a certain medicine used by dentists. And finally she says that it tastes so bitter it’s painful.

If RaMu’s glowing review of Life is Bitter tea has made you want to try it for yourself, then you may want to check out Amazon.co.jp. Currently, a pack of this tea is going for 1,480 JPY. However, you could also try looking for Kuding tea, since it is for the most part the same kind of tea and probably much easier to obtain.

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Top image: 【苦い】世界一苦いお茶を飲みながら軽く雑談
Body image: 世界一苦いお茶 『人生って苦い』 心して飲むべし (ティーパック)

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