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Japanese Drummer Does Amazing Medley Of Covers Of Every Street Fighter II Song (Video)

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This guy gives Nyango Star a run for his money

The masked Japanese YouTuber/drummer dainashi has released an epic and absolutely amazing video in which he shows off his impressive drumming skills by covering the entire soundtrack of that classic fighting game Street Fighter II.

Although he may look like some sort of bizarre scrawny lucha libre wrestler, dainashi is an extremely talented drummer and apparently he’s a huge fan of this influential Capcom fighting game because as you’ll see, only a person that truly loves Street Fighter would put in all the little touches that abound in this video.

 Not only does dainashi do his own mind-blowing drum-centric interpretations of every character’s stage music, he also does interpretations of the menu song, character selection screen song and even the ending and final credit songs.

But that’s not all. Throughout the video dainishi uses character voice clips and makes all sorts of humorous references to all of the game’s fighters, without ever even missing a beat. For example, here’s a little yoga fire action for the Dhalsim fans.

Or how about some high voltage action for the Blanka fans.

Check out this classic Zangief pose. All he’s missing is the chest hair.

He even does a shoryuken, which ends up with Ken telling dainashi “That sho- shoryuken… hurt.”

And yes, there’s still so many more great references, so no matter who you’re a fan of, there’s something in this video for you. However, perhaps the most amusing and impressive bit in the video is when dainashi uses his drumming powers to fight Mr. Psycho Crusher himself, M. Bison (or as he is known in Japan, Vega). Yep, he actually fights M. Bison, all while still playing the drums.

So does dainashi end up defeating Bison? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. Or you could just scroll further down pant the video to read an explanation of what happens at the end of the video but you should probably just enjoy this amazing video first.

Although almost 15 minutes long it is truly worth watching every second of this video, especially if you’re a fan of the Street Fighter series. Not only is the music great but all the little details that dainashi put into this amazing medley make this a joy to watch. So check it out below and then keep scrolling down to read about the ending.


So after an intense battle with the mad man of Shadowloo, dainashi comes out victorious and of course, he gets a proper ending. So what happens to dainishi after he comes out victorious? Check out the translations below to find out.

“Come now, it’s the award ceremony. Mr. Dainashi! Dainashi… huh?”

“And so he left in search of a new mask so he could become a true weirdo.”

In other words, it’s the Ryu ending (spoiler warning?), which means, his “mask” quest is a never-ending one. Does that also mean that dainishi will keep making great videos like this because he’s in a constant quest to keep improving himself? Let’s hope so.

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Images: 【スト2】ストリートファイターII メドレーを激しく叩いてみた! Street Fighter 2 All Stage Theme (DRUM (dainashi)

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