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Hardcore Pokéraps Straight From Japan

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The big thing this past summer for many people was Pokémon
GO and it seems a couple of Japanese rappers took notice and released a couple
of their own original “Pokéraps.” These Pokéraps, however, have a bit more “edge”
to them than that classic Pokérap that I’m sure many still haven’t been able to
First up, we have Tokyo based rapper SLOTH (Profile). Although he hasn’t quite broken into the mainstream
music scene, he is quite active and has definitely made a name for himself
within the live scene in the Tokyo area. In August, SLOTH uploaded the music
video for his song “Pocket Monster” (poketto monsta). The song, which was
released in honor of the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, features plenty of
samples from the original game music and also imagery from both the games and
animated series.

Next up, we have another rapper who is not all that
well-known in the mainstream circles but still quite talented. His name is, ryo
takahashi (no capitalization) and he, along with TAKUMA THE GREAT & BAN
(HOOLIGANZ), also released a video in August inspired by the Pokémon franchise.
Their song, called “Pokémon GO ‘95” is obviously inspired by the hit game of the
same name. The song features plenty of references to the original games and
even a Pikachu impression. The rappers also make sure to warn you about not
looking where you’re going when playing Pokémon GO. They too, like SLOTH, use
samples from the original game music and I think they do it quite well.

While neither of these songs are true “Pokéraps” since they don’t actually list
off all the Pokémon like in the original I still think they’re pretty enjoyable
songs and definitely a sign of the continued love that people still have for
this game which is now over 20 years old.

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