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Cop In Trouble After Catastrophic Wedding Banquet (Video)

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This cop just couldn’t stop lying…

It was revealed earlier this month that a police officer in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan threw a disastrous wedding banquet last year that ended with him revealing that he was already married, his own family calling the cops and, to top it all off, a pay cut for the cop.

According to a source connected with the Fukuoka Prefectural Police, last November, a Kitakyushu City Traffic Division police sergeant in his 40s, who was married and having an affair with an unmarried woman that did not know he was married, attempted to hold a wedding banquet at a Kitakyushu wedding hall in order to celebrate his matrimony with the woman he was having an affair with.

On the day of the banquet the family of the woman noticed that not a single person from the sergeant’s family was in attendance. Finding this suspicious, the woman’s family confronted the sergeant. This resulted in the sergeant admitting that he was already married. The sergeant then called his own family asking for help, telling them “I’m involved in an incident” and “I’m being confined.” Haring this the sergeant’s family became flustered and decided to call the police.

In response to the call from the sergeant’s family, police were dispatched to the Kitakyushu wedding hall. This then led to Fukuoka police officials learning about the police sergeant’s actions. The sergeant reportedly told police “Things slowly kept escalating until they ended up like this.”

The Fukuoka Prefectural Police have refused to make an official comment on the incident. However, a source connected with Fukuoka police revealed on February 14th, that the police sergeant had been disciplined in the form of a pay cut that began on February 9th.

Because the sergeant had not filed for civil marriage with the woman he was having an affair with, he was at no point married to two women at the same time. However, given that Japanese law would not have allowed this, it is unclear what the police sergeant was planning to do had the wedding banquet been successful.

If you’d like to see a CG recreation of this story, then check out the TomoNews Japan video below.

Sources: ANN News, Asahi Shinbun Kyodo News, The Huffington Post, TomoNews Japan

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