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Pikotaro Appears In Plastic Surgery Clinic Commercial (Video)

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Yes! Takasu Clinic

Pikotaro, the man that gave the world the viral sensation PPAP, is bank in a new commercial for a famous Japanese chain of cosmetic surgery clinics.

Takasu Clinic is one of the most well-known cosmetic surgery clinic chains in Japan and Takasu Clinic’s owner/founder, Dr. Katsuya Takasu is perhaps the most recognizable cosmetic surgeon in Japan. This is due in part to the clinic’s television commercials, which have been running for many years and are a mainstay of Japanese television. These ads tend to feature Dr. Takasu and this latest one is no different.

This new commercial features both Dr. Takasu, and, of course, Pikotaro. The commercial is based on Pikotaro’s song “I Like OJ” and in it you see Pikotaro asking Dr. Takasu “Are you Takasa?” and “Are you Takashi?” before finally asking him “Are you Takasu?” This then creates the perfect opportunity for Takasu Clinic’s famous slogan, “Yes! Takasu Clinic” to make its appearance.

This commercial was inspired by one of Dr. Takasu’s Twitter followers who suggested that Takasu Clinic’s next commercial be a parody of PPAP. This then led to Dr. Takasu and Pikotaro to find time in their busy schedules in order to exchange ideas on what they could do.

The commercial began airing today in Japan, however, Takasu Clinic has also uploaded it to their official YouTube channel. So go ahead and check it out below.

If you’d like to check out the original video for Pikotaro’s song “I Like OJ” then click here.

Source: Japan Geino Culture Kenkyusho

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