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What Momotaro Sounds Like Done Completely In Sneezes [Video]

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The Japanese YouTuber Mahoto Watanabe has found a way to put a new spin on what is perhaps Japan’s most well-known fairy tales: Momotaro. How you ask? Well, let’s just say it involves using a lot of tissues.

Momotaro (a.k.a Peach Boy) tells the story of a baby who is one day found inside a giant peach by an old couple. The baby, who is given the name Momotaro by the couple, quickly grows into an abnormally strong young man and sets out on a quest to rid his land of the evil oni (demons) who are terrorizing it. While on the road heading to the island the demons call home, Momotaro recruits a dog, a pheasant, and a monkey, and together the four vanquish the demons and bring peace to the land.

Perhaps inspired by a viral video of another Japanese YouTuber who performed a cover of the original Japanese Dragon Ball Z opening theme “Cha-La Head-Cha-La” completely in sneezes, Mahoto and his YouTuber friends decided to do the same sort of thing but with the classic tale of Momotaro. Each sneeze you hear in the video below doubles as a horribly distorted word (or part of a word) from the tale of Momotaro. If you’re a germaphobe, this video is not for you. It’s three and a half minutes of very wet and loud sneezing… so best not to watch. However, if you don’t mind a little flying spit and snot, then, please enjoy.

In case you’re thinking of doing something similar, please reconsider. The guy that did the Dragon Ball Z opening theme ended up really regretting it because it took a while for his respiratory tract to full recover from all the forced sneezing… so just don’t even bother.

Source: Watanabe Mahoto YouTube Channel
Image: “くしゃみだけ”で桃太郎を話したら腹筋崩壊したwww (Watanabe Mahoto YouTube Channel)

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