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Tweet From Beef Bowl Chain Yoshinoya Results In Birth Of Meat-Themed Power Ranger Team

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It’s meat morphin’ time!

It seems like you can find teams of tights-wearing superheroes based on just about anything and everything in the world of Super Sentai (the franchise Power Rangers is based on). Feel like watching a team of heroes based on ninjas? Then, check out Ninja Sentai Kakurenjā. How about space pirates? Then Kaizoku Sentai Gōkaijā is what you’re looking for. Playing cards? Then, track down J..A.K.Q. Dengekitai. Oh, what? You want a team of heroes inspired by Japanese fast food restaurants? Well, you’re in luck because thanks to a tweet by the Japanese gyūdon (beef and rice bowl) chain Yoshinoya, the world now has Nikurenjā (Meat Ranger).

The story of the Meat Rangers starts off on July 6 when the official Yoshinoya Twitter account tweeted out the following image along with some text expressing their sadness over how impossible it would be to get five Japanese food companies together to create a team of meat-themed heroes.

“This week’s rejected idea.
‘Bringing together five meat-related companies and creating Nikurenjā (Meat Ranger).’
Why it was rejected → It would be impossible to get five companies together to make this a reality.’
It seemed like a shame to just shelve this idea, so we decided to post it.”

Yoshinoya’s tweet resulted in the following response from one of Japan’s most popular “family restaurants” Gusto.

“Seems interesting. Can we take the red ranger?”

Three days later, Gusto was true to their word and tweeted out what would become the first Meat Ranger.

We did it!.
He’ll fill your stomach and make you happy! Gusto Red is here!”

No doubt happy to see that Gusto had kept their word and joined in on the fun, Yoshinoya debuted their own hero later that same day. Yoshinoya Orange! And, of course, Yoshinoya Organge appears holding a beef bowl.

Gusto managed to get other companies to play along and little by little the team of “meaty” heroes began to grow. Kentucky Fried Chicken joined the team soon after with their own character.

“Making people happy with deliciousness!
Kentucky White is here!
We were invited to join by Gusto, so we did.

What do you think?
We’re not used to this sort of thing”

The day after Kentucky White reported for duty the Japanese hamburger chain MOS Burger jumped into the fray with their own ranger.

“MOS Green!!! Is here!”

And finally, fellow beef bowl chain Matsuya joined the team with the somewhat unimpressive-looking Matsuya Yellow… he’s basically just a guy in full body yellow tights.

And so, on July 12, Yoshinoya tweeted out the following, expressing their thanks to all those involved in rescuing their rejected idea and marking the official birth of Gaishoku Sentai Nikurenjx (Eating-out Squadron Meat Ranger).

Just goes to show that every once in a while Twitter can actually be used for something productive.

Source: Temita
Image: Wikipedia Commons

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