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Rocket Punches And Rocket Kicks: A J-YouTuber’s Experiments With Bottle Rockets (Video)

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Pumping water filled soda bottles with air and sending them flying into the sky can be pretty fun. However, have you ever wondered what else you could do with those rockets? Like could you strap them to your foot in order to do a rocket kick? Or could you use them to pull of a Mazinger Z style rocket punch? Well, it appears that all of these thoughts occurred to the Japanese YouTuber Sushi Ramen Riku because  he actually does these things in a series of videos in which he does very unsafe things with bottle rockets. In this article we’re going to look at three of these amusing videos. And as always, don’t do any of this “at home.”

Rocket Kick

In the video below Riku straps four bottle rockets to his foot and then tries to use the power of these rockets to kick a soccer ball and score a goal. The video begins with an explanation about Riku using these bottle rockets to obtain a “special technique” just like a superhero. So does it work? In a way yes, however, in a different way, no not at all.

Rocket Punch

This video is in a sense the sequel to the previous one. Riku even mentions the rocket kick video at the beginning of this one, saying that he was unable to control his kick due to the power of the rockets. Because of this it seems that Riku has decided to switch gears and obtain his “special technique” in the form of a rocket punch.

After he finishes his explanation Riku starts off by showing off the power of his normal punch. He does this by placing some gelatin at the top of a punching bag and then hitting it. He then shows what happens to the gelatin and how it reacts to the impact of his fist with the punching bag. It’s definitely not the most effective way of measuring strength but as you will see that whole gelatin thing becomes totally irrelevant once he actually tries out the rocket punch. Watch Riku try out his “deadly rocket punch,” which is what he calls this move in the video below.

By the way, although the rocket punch was pretty successful, it resulted in Riku’s mom getting completely drenched. His conclusion is that the rocket punch is able to attack enemies both in front and behind the person performing this ‘technique.’

Rocket Jump

In this video, Riku takes things to the next level by using 100 botte rockets at the same time. His goal is to see how far he is able to jump with the help of the 100 rockets. Although the first attempt doesn’t go that well, his second attempt is pretty impressive. Check it out for yourself.

Source: Sushi Ramen Riku
Image: ロケットパンチの破壊力はどのくらいなのか?【リアル必殺技】

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