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4 Painful But Funny Japanese YouTuber Videos

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As you may know from previous Japankyo articles, such as this one or this one, there’s quite a number of Japanese YouTubers that are not at all opposed to puiting themselves in potentially painful situations, as long as it gets people to watch their videos. Although these videos are not exactly the most intellectually stimulating material on the internet, they can be pretty fun to watch.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at four of these painful but funny videos. Don’t worry though, these videos aren’t at all gruesome and nobody gets seriously hurt.

By the way, itai is more or less the Japanese equivalent of “ouch.” You’re going to hear many of the people in these videos use that word, so you may as well know it.

And, as always, don’t do any of the stuff you see in the videos below. You’ll probably just end up hurt if you do.

4. Can a giant pie cushion your fall?

Our first entry on this list is brought to you by the Japanese YouTuber Sushi Ramen Riku, who you may remember from a different video in which he tried to get hit in the face with a pie while sticking his head out of a car window. In the video below, Riku begins by explaining that the softness of the soap foam based pies he uses in his videos makes it so getting hit in the face by these pies doesn’t hurt. Because of this, he wonders if this foam could possibly cushion a fall so well that it wouldn’t hurt. In order to find this out Riku makes a giant ‘pie,’ runs at it at full speed, trips and falls right on top of it. See what happens in the video below and make sure to watch until the very end.

In case you’re wondering, towards the end of the video Riku says (not surprisingly) the ‘pie’ did nothing to cushion his fall and thus it his fall did indeed hurt.

3. The slipperiest game of soccer ever

Our next entry is brought to you by the popular Japanese YouTuber Hajimeshacho. This video is pretty straightforward. Hajimeshacho and fellow YouTuber PDS play a game of one on one soccer in a room covered in lubricant. There’s a lot of falling, laughing and exclamations of itai.

2. Sea urchins shouldn’t go there

Although the first two videos were painful, the top two entries on this list definitely take things up to the next level. In the video below, the Japanese YouTuber Megwin sets out to fill his swim trunks with sea urchins.

Although Megwin was almost certainly playing it up for the camera, he ended up giving up before his trunks were full, which given how unpleasant it must feel to have sea urchins up against your bathing suit area, seems perfectly reasonable. Unfortunately for Megwin, his choice to give up results in his crew deciding to punish him by putting a sea hare (a type of mollusc) in his trunks at the end of the video.

1. Boiling water blindfold coliseum

At the top of this list we have a pretty ridiculous video starring Japanese YouTuber Mahoto. In the video, Mahoto and his friend participate in a bizarre game, which requires the two participants to shoot “boiling water” at each other while completely blindfolded and wearing headphones playing music. Although it seems highly unlikely that Mahoto and his friend are actually using “boiling water” in this video, if you’re at all familiar with Mahoto’s videos, it definitely seems plausible that the water they’re using is hot enough to be significantly uncomfortable.

The game officially starts after the two spin in order to get disoriented. After that you’ll be treated to some pretty hilarious madness. And by the way, the key word for this video is not itai, but rather atsui, which means “hot.”

If you’d like to watch more “boiling water blindfold coliseum,” then check out the two videos below. The first one is a team battle which is possibly even more chaotic than the the one on one battle above. In the second video, Mahoto takes this bizarre game outdoors, however, as you might imagine, the whole thing just falls apart since both Mahoto and his friend have a hard time finding each other.

Boiling water blindfold coliseum II

Boiling water blindfold coliseum III

Source: Hajimeshacho, MAHOTO (1), MAHOTO (2), MAHOTO (3), MEGWIN TV, Sushi Ramen Riku
Image: 【さよならチンチン】海で獲ったトゲトゲウニをパンツの中に入れる世界記録 (MEGWIN TV)

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