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Male Nipple Covers Are Experiencing A Spike In Sales In Japan (Video)

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Sir, your nipples are showing…

Sales figures released by Japanese sporting goods retailer Dot Store seem to suggest that the popularity of adhesive nipple covers designed specifically for men is on the rise in Japan.

According to a report by the Japanese news site Otakomu, the retailer has already sold 55,000 more units of their man-nip-hiders this year than they did in all of 2016. Of course, it is still too early to tell whether this is a temporary spike in sales or the beginning of a larger trend. However, the Otakomu article proposes that at least part of the increase in popularity for these man teet concealers is that Japanese men are becoming more self-conscious about having their nipples show when they wear shirts that are either light-colored or made of particularly thin fabric. The evidence for this theory comes from a recent survey that found that
79.4% of Japanese women thought it was inappropriate for men to have their nips visible through their clothes. Interestingly, Dot Store has even produced a promotional video for their nipple covers which shows the potential consequences of a man not covering up his nipples when in front of a potential romantic partner. Check it out below.

Another reason for this spike in sales is the not as interesting but very real possibility that there has been an increase in the amount of men
suffering from “jogger’s nipple,” a condition fairly common among runners that occurs when the nipples are irritated by rubbing against clothing
during physical activity.

The most likely explanation for these good sales figures is that it’s a combination of both of the reasons presented above. However, only time will really settle this matter.

So how much do these water and sweat resistant, ISO-certified nipple covers cost? One case containing five sets of nipple covers will set you back 1,080 JPY (9.76 USD). However you can save some money per unit if you buy five cases, which contains a total of 25 sets of nipple covers and costs 4,620 JPY (41.76 USD). Check out the listing for this product here.

And just tin case you’re curious about how to put the covers on, check out the video below.

Source: Dot Store, Otakomu
Image: MEN`S NIPPLEŃü«ńŻ┐šöĘŠľ╣Š│Ľ

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