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Here Is Coil! Magnemite Gets Strangely Catchy Song (Video)

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Hot on the heels of the release of last month’s incredibly popular English-language magikarp song, the official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel has put out a song for everyone’s favorite magnet pokemon, magnemite.

Brought to you by the “Pokemon Daisuki Club” this  strangely catchy song features lyrics based solely around words that rhyme with magnemite’s original Japanese name, koiru (Coil). This rhyming theme can even be seen in the title of the song “Doko iru koiru?  Koko iru koiru” (Where are you Coil. Here is Coil), which also happens to be the song’s chorus. The rest of the song has other lines featuring words ending in “ru,” such as “Coil is in the email” (email is meru in Japanese) and “Coil on a nail” (the word for fake/manicured nails in Japanese is neiru).

Check out the video below and see how many magnemites you can spot.

As for that incredibly popular magikarp song, you can check it out below. The English version of this song was released on May 12 and in less than a month it has racked up over 4 million views. The song features some hilarious lyrics, which declare the singer’s love for magikarp, while at the same time reminding the listener that this fish pokemon is famous for being totally useless due to its ability to only use “splash.” So if you haven’t listened to it yet, make sure to do so below. And if you’re interested you can also check out the original Japanese version, which was released in 2016.

English Version

Japanese Version

Source: Pokemon.jp
Image: 【公式】コイルのうた『ドコイル、コイル?ココイル、コイル!』(Where is Coil? Here is Coil!) (Pokemon Official YouTube)

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